A better future for managers and workers

STITCH identifies promising candidates and enhances skills to improve working environments and productivity

Make training better with STITCH

Companies that have employed STITCH can attest to its effectiveness. The tool was employed at 60 factories across 70,000 workers and resulted in:


greater efficiency


lower turnover


ROI (STITCH Offline)

Pilot programs run in collaboration with Shahi Exports

An easy tool for any setting to achieve ESG goals around worker development while boosting efficiency and reducing turnover.

STITCH Offline

In person, group based soft skill training. It consists of activity based, in depth learning

The training focuses on building needed interpersonal and leadership skills through 4 modules:

  1. Me as a person: centered around emotional intelligence and communication
  2. Me as a supervisor: Learning to organize, plan and solve problems
  3. Me as a member: Learning how to achieve a successful team
  4. Me as a leader: Learning how to effect change and build culture

Program Structure & Timeline

STITCH Digital

STITCH Digital consists of two parts: the screening and the training tool. These tools help identify and build good managerial talent which makes for stable and productive workforces.

Digital Screening

The digital screening helps identify the best supervisory candidates and can also be used to administer other surveys. Moreover, the tool has been designed keeping in mind workers with low literacy levels.

Self paced


Instant results

Regional languages

Digital Training

The digital training is multilingual, individualized training available any time from anywhere. Users can also explore new material and revise old concepts to ensure retention.

STITCH Digital is a comprehensive training platform that can yield results without taking away from production time.

Modules will include:

  • Me as a person
  • Me as a supervisor
  • Me as a member
  • Me as a leader

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