Evidence based digital solutions that are valuable for business and rewarding for workers

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Our Solutions

We develop affordable, easy to use technology solutions that improve worker wellbeing and provide returns for businesses with blue collar workers.


A Two-way, Anonymized, Multilingual Communication Tool

Improves retention and boosts productivity. Also ideal for effective grievance redressal.


Soft skills training and identification tool for supervisors

STITCH allows you to identify the most promising managerial candidate and build necessary skills for success

Prioritizing Socially Responsible Business Practices

Extensive User Training

Customized training for HR, Compliance, and other key functions

Worker Awareness Sessions

To encourage utilization and maximize ease of use

Dedicated Support

Enables smoother adoption for all users and teams

Research behind our innovation

We use rigorous research combined with human centered design for effective, scalable solutions for blue collar workers and their employers.


Workers Impacted through study on the effectiveness of digital worker voice tools on productivity and attrition


Workers studied to identify what makes most effective managers and the best training practice


Heightened compliance standards


Need for accountable supply chains


Pressure to be cost effective

How do our solutions help you keep up with the times?

Growing need to meet heightened compliance standards, have accountable supply chains and be cost effective.

  • Help you become an ESG leader: address on ground challenges that can improve working conditions
  • Offer proven, research backed solutions beneficial for both worker wellbeing and business outlook
  • Deliver cost savings through higher labor productivity and improved retention

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