A two way, anonymized worker voice and communication tool

Provides businesses with an effective way to manage concerns, queries and suggestions.


Inache can help you demonstrate your commitment to ESG goals through its grievance redressal platform that helps improve worker conditions.

Fully anonymized

Workers remain undisclosed through the process

Blazing fast integration

Logs communications received from other channels on a single dashboard

Strong Governance

To ensure transparent and timely progression of cases

Allows simplified, streamlined communication between management and employees.

Provides business with a unified platform to effectively track concerns, queries and suggestions and simultaneously resolve concerns.

Why Should Manufacturers
Look No Further

Inache is your one- stop solution for achieving better business performance and improving worker well-being. We customize our products to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our research has shown using a worker voice and grievance redressal tool can yield:

lower attrition
Return on Investment
lower absenteeism

Pilot programs run in collaboration with Shahi Exports

Inache has 4x greater utilization as compared to legacy communication channels like drop boxes.

Brands – Here’s the S in ESG

While your suppliers benefit from improved efficiency, Inache provides you with greater insight into worker communication across suppliers’ factories, helping you build a more transparent supply chain.

It’s increasingly difficult to ignore that the biggest companies are being driven by consumers and regulatory pressures towards higher ethical standards.

Inache is an affordable, simple solution that keeps workers happier, your suppliers more profitable, and makes you the more favorable choice.

Built for Your Business

Features designed to maximise ease of use and effectiveness

SMS & Voice-Call 24×7

Inache is available to workers at any time of the day.

Reporting Dashboard

Seamless real-time data by factory, region, type of cases, resolution and more.

Incentive Program

To facilitate proactive engagements from HRs (users) to manage and resolve cases

Digital Grievance Management

All cases are recorded and managed digitally in one place


Lightning-fast user, factory, and admin management portal that ensure quicker onboarding

What users have to say